Sunday, October 25, 2009

i see it..


Monday, October 19, 2009

I dont know what else to say...

but im sorry

i never knew anyone could actually love me the way you did

But i was wrong and because i was wrong i ended up hurting you

i never meant to those werent my intentions

i know you dont want to hear this because you say your not mad but the only word that can ever come out of my mouth from now until the end of time are

im sorry

coming out forever



you say i cant say this but somehow i mean it in some way but i do love you

Thursday, October 15, 2009

who has the answers

No one, thats who.
because in my opinion
know one has it all figured out.

Who gives you the privilige to
say this or tell me to do
that. Because everyone

has a little more homework
to do. It doesn't matter how
old you are. No onw has the
answers. No one has seen

everything there is to see
in this world. Everyone
has not a lot. But not
a little we
all we all we all we all
we still all still we all
we still we all still

have all have we all have still
we all still have a have little
still all have little some more
homework to do

Saturday, October 10, 2009


*continuation to do i*

my my heart says yes
my brain says maby
but no part of me says


in the past the answer
to that one question was
always so easy
the answer would simply be


now my heart is wondering
you say you accept me
i want to believe that and


but every time we talk about
it i feel the real truth is you
don't. And for now i'm not
sure if i love you. i won't say


until i know for
sure that you accept me
maby I will never


but who knows i certainly don't

Do i...

Love you

Do I tell them
i wonder
they know i love
you, but they don't
know that one part
of me.
Do i tell them
i should
i do love you
you say not to tell them
but its who i am
 you can't let me tell them then
do i really...
love you

Monday, October 5, 2009

Family of friends

Thats what we are,
but I didn't see it until
that day.

All the tears splashing
across the room.
Hearing everyones

The hour before
we were just friends
but the hour after

we were...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


hey i just wanted to say something to all who follow my blog. One link I have it so dreams of literature, and there is one poem on that blog that i think is amazing and everyone should read it. So go to the upper right hand corner of my blog and click on Dreams of literature and then read not the first one there the second one with the title the mistake was. I think this poem was very clever and amazing please read it.