Tuesday, June 30, 2009

trouble and rumble

The lightening struck and the thunder rumbled. Some thing was going on in the sky. In mount Olympus, the mountain that reached in to the sky. The gods on mount Olympus were in the middle of a intense game of basketball. One of them jumped in an attempt to dunk the basketball into the 50 foot hoop. But Zuez, the king of the gods, struck him with lightening and the god fell to the ground. The lighting strike was so hard the god fell out of mount Olympus. He fell into the far streets below. But once a god hits the streets of mortals they themselves become a mortal. You see Zuez's team was losing and he was getting madder and madder. He could bet rid of all the gods and goddesses and have no thought about it. Zuez was a sore loser. And because zues was a sore loser he got more and more penalties. So being a sore loser is what made him lose.

This story explains not to be a sore loser because in the end you'll find yourself being a loser in the end. So play fair no matter what the score is.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The lost world part 1

She stood there staring into the dark ambiss. That's were she saw here father last. When he gave his life to save hers. She always said somehow she would repay him. They always talked about do kindness to others get kindess in return. Well he had been so kind to her and all he got was death. But now after years she knew how she would repay him. She walked the filthy streets but they weren't really streets they were more like dirt. Piled are garbage filled the world. Not even bugs could survive. The girl was finding it harder and harder to survive in this world. For soon she will die of hunger and thirst. For this world she was in, this garbage can, this was EARTH! This is what it would become. When it first happened people still lived by eating bugs and other disgusting creatures. But after awhile earth was not fit to hold life. This all happened be because of pollution. The girls father was part if a save the earth foundation before he died. All the other people in the foundation had died but her father was the last living. He found the cure for the earth but died before he had a chance to tell his only daughter the only one who new of his exsistance. But some how the girl was gonna die find the answer and come back, but how? She finally knew. It would have just been easier if people would not
Have let the filth get this bad. But sadly they did. Keep whatchimg for this is only part one of this story. Pretty soon part 2 will be out. So wait and find out what happens!


Ice is cold just like a person can be. Ice is not nice just like a person can be. Ice and people are almost the same. It can be sculpted to what ever a person wants. So can people. People who give in to peer pressure are sculpted to what other people want them to be. So ice and people are some what the same. But you don't want to be like ice. So when you get the choice to be sculpted like ice choose differently. When you get the choice to be cold like ice choose differently. So be your own person not what anyone wants you to be, not ice.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The golden comet

The golden comet glowed as it ran threw the sky. But the comet was falling and falling fast. It hit the ground with a smash. BOOM! Out of the comet came a small boy, about the size of a stack of text books. He looked around unaware of his surrounding's. He let out a small tear he was far from home. He crawled away into a old abandoned barn house. Later the next day two boys came by. When they walked in they saw this scared little creature. "eww look at this ugly stupid thing." "Its such a freak like that kid, Harold from school." the creature got so mad it ate both of the kids. The next day a little girl came by. She found the creature cute and cared for it. This story explains the saying what comes around goes around. The kind girl got kindness back. The boys who were mean got eaten in return.

Lost in translation

I once new a person who was lost in translation. They felt all alone and lost, but no one should ever feel like this. I saw some other kids making this one feel even more lost and alone. It's amazing the pleasure someone can get from someone elses pain. I went into the persons world of lonlyness and I helpped them. Because no one should be lost in translation.