Friday, July 31, 2009

Chapter 12: Keys and Giants

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Jack, James, and Slugleton stood in The Dark Princes thinking room.
"This is most likely where the key is going to be," Jack stated.
They all started searching the room. They searched every possible spot of the room but still they could not find the key to the book shelf.
"It's not here," James proclaimed.
"What, hold on one second," Jack offered as a response.
Right in front of them, right in plain sight was the chest with the hole and the curve of steel. Jack lifted the chest removed the curve and opened the chest. A smile went right on Jacks face.
"Here it is." And he turned around to show the others. "Lets go to the book shelf now."
But before they could leave the room there was a slam of the door.
"Oh no!" James yelled. "Its him he's home."
The door lead to the creaking of the stairs.
"Quickly the window," Slugleton stated.
They all climbed out the window. But before James could get out the window The Dark Prince entered the room. He noticed the key. He ran to the window but James had already fallen out and ran away.
"MINION!" The Dark Prince screamed. Suddenly a tall man with light skin wearing a yellow turban walked into the room.
"Yes sir," Minion said.
"Release," he paused for a moment. "The giant."
Minion walked about the streets like a normal person until he reached a very tall building on the outskirts of town. It was starting to get dark there were clouds in the sky. And then rain fell from the sky. He walked into the building. Nothing was there but a giant cage which took up all the room in the building. The man took of his turban. He had long disgusting red hair. Black circles around his eyes. And one of his arms fell of. One arm was short like a T-rex arm. He opened the cage.
"Come out Giant, I have a mission for you." he started to laugh. "Good bye James," Minion said quietly.
End of chapter 12...
To be continued. . .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chapter 11: Finding the key

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The dark Prince held the tiny chest in his hand. The chest was a small and tiny and brown like a little treasure chest. In the bottom was a little black hole. Going through the hole was a curve of steel. The Dark Prince pulled the curve out of the hole. Then once the chest was unlocked he opened it. Inside was a small key. This was the key that unlocked the book shelf. The key that Jack and James needed.
"WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!" The Dark Prince yelled.
For since his father did not want him to be Prince he was never told him the secret of the book shelf so he did not know what the key meant. But this was the key Jack needed. The Dark Prince picked up a remote and pressed the on button. On the wall came Nemelda like a T.V showing everything that she was doing at that moment. He knew if he didn't get rid of her soon she would want more power then he was wiling to give her.
"Time to set my plan in motion," The Dark Prince said to himself. He snapped his fingers.
Then inside Jack, Nemelda, and Slugletons secret hiding place came a note.
"What is this?" Nemelda questioned while pointing at the note.
Jack opened it and read it aloud.
"If you want your slug friend back he will be waiting for you in the living room of my castle. But I should warn you if the girl comes into the castle she will be in grave danger, HAHAHAHAHAH!"
"Ok," Jack explained. "This is what will do. James and I will go into the castle and get Slugleton, but while in the castle we will search for the key. Nemelda you will stay here because this is the safest place to be. From the castle with some magic I will be able to keep an eye on you."
"Ok," said Nemelda sadly. "I guess thats as safe as I can be."
The Dark Prince shut off his T.V because while they are gone he should be able to catch Nemelda.
Jack and James arrived at the castle. Strangely the door was opened. They walked in the castle, and Jack showed James to the living room. It was three brown cushioned chairs and one brown coffee table. And tied down to the coffee table was Slugleton.
"Lets untie him," said James. As soon as Slugleton could talk he started blurting out things.
"You shouldn't have come for me," Slugleton stated. "Don't talk. Just let me explain. The Dark Prince is working with Nemelda, but he felt soon she would want more power so he had to get rid of her. So now she probably dead.
Jack made a screen appear in the air. Sure enough back at the hideout Nemelda's body lay bloody on the floor.
"OK guys even though Nemelda betrayed us she is still a friend," Jack stated. "So t help her let us find that key.
End of chapter 11...
To be continued. . .

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chapter 10: The trails of blood

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"Ok," The dark prince told Nemelda. "Go find the other two get them to come here and that way I will capture them."
"I would be my honer to sir," Nemelda responded.
Slugleton was shocked to see that a friend of his was in line with the dark prince. "I don't believe this Nemelda you of all people were playing us!" Slugleton shouted.
"WA WA you'll get over as soon as all the good creatures left are destroyed. Leaving only evil to rule our world," Nemelda laughed.
"Ok hurry Nemelda time is of the essence," the Dark Prince hurried her along.
Jack opened the book shelf. He held the on button on the T.V for 10 seconds, then he let it go. The big circular button came out two inches from the T.V. Jack turned it 5 times to the right, then 4 times to the left. The the screen in the T.V opened revealing a steel screen. In the middle of the screen was a key hole.
"Dam!" yelled Jack. "We don't have the key. And chances are its somewhere in this castle. We'll never find it now." Jack pressed the T.V button in and the screen closed up and it went back to normal.
Nemalda was on her way back when she noticed a trail of blood leading to a closet door. Then she looked at her hand it was stained red, the color of blood. She was about to cry but she held it in and ran to the book shelf. "Look," she said when she found Jack and James. She showed them her hand. "And I saw the trail." She muttered under her tears.
"What does all this mean?" James questioned.
"Ok, heres what happened," Jack said. "When the Dark Prince became the Dark Prince he was eager to impress his father. He copied what his father did. Which means he did this. He would put a trail of blood and marked there hands. And thats how he marked who he would kill next. And the stain would came off there hand when they were dead."
"So," James started. "This means Slugleton is missing, we need to find this key, and Nemelda is going to die within 3 days."
End of chapter 10...
To be continued. . .

Friday, July 24, 2009

Chapter 9: Escape to the bookshelf

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Slugleton slid his way through the window of the castle. Now he had to make his way to the front door and let the others in. He had his eye on the front door but then he felt something grab his tail. He curled up trying to see who was behind him, he saw no one. So he kept moving, but then he felt it again. But this time he completely turned around but still no one was there.
Then he heard the sound of foot steps echoing all around him. He was starting to get fricked out. Then he fell. The floor dissapeared all around him and he simply fell.
Back outside the others were still waiting for slugleton.
"What do you think happened to him?" James asked.
"Nothing who said anything happened to him, he is still probably on his way," Jack answered.
"I have to addmit it is taking a long time," said Nemelda "Here let me see if I can pick the lock and we'll let ourselves in."
Up in the highest part of the castle, they were being watched. And they were being watched by, the dark prince. He swiftly turned around to face slugleton who was dangling up on the wall.
"I think I should let your friends in. It will be very exciting," he said almost laughing at slugleton.
Back down at the bottom of the castle they finally got into the castle. They went through the outside part first, then they were in the dark scary part.
"OK," said Nemelda. "I'll go this way and you guys go the other way. I'll go find slugleton, and you guys go find the book shelf."
"Good plan," said Jack. "Ok break."
They split up. Quickly they find the book shelf. It was to small book shelves pushed right up against the wall, then two more bigger book shelves in-between them and the second two book shelves were pulled out a little more but attached to the first two. Last was one big book shelf that was pulled out a little more but still attached. The last book shelf had one large T.V on it.
"Ok," said Jack. "Lets do this."
Nemelda walked into the room were slugleton and the dark prince were. she wasn't surprised to see them both there.
"Hello," she said smiling. "Ok dark prince, what is my next job?"
End of chapter 9...
To be continued. . .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chapter 8: The Alliance is formed

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After about 5 minutes James saw a bottom in the hole. It looked as if that fall was going to break his back. It looked like he was going to hit a hard steel floor. The floor was getting closer and closer as James anticipated the pain. They were about to hit the floor in 3 2 1. BANG! Actually the bang is what James thought. Actually it was like hitting the floor to a bouncy house. They made a little bounce up then they were on there feet.
"Were the hell did you take me?" James questioned.
"Your the one who said are we going to get help," Jack replied. "So you should know were we are."
The walked down a hallway. The walls, the floor, and the ceiling were all grey. They looked like they were made of steel, but if you punch them they feel like they are made of jello. They walked through the straight hallway, until they approached a turn.
But before they turned the corner Jack had a few words to say to James. "You have to promise when this is all over you can't tell any of your little friends about this place or anything you are about to see here. Since you are the first of your kind to be in this place."
"OK," James answered.
They turned the corner. All James saw were two steel looking doors, but what Jack saw was much more interesting.
"OK," Jack started, "For you to be able to see what I see you'll need to were these glasses."
Jack pulled out a pair of blue sun glasses. James quickly put them on and then he saw what was really there. The walls were blue, the floor was red, and the ceiling was pink. And on the walls were these colorful computers. Also he was no longer in a hallway he was in a huge room. There were chairs and couches all around him. It was the most colorful and creative place he had ever seen. The one chair turned around and on it was the same slug from the palace. Only now James could see that he had two big white eyes with a huge pair of brown glasses on them.
"Hello Jack and company," Said the slug.
Then he turned to face James and said "Hello pleasure to meet you my name is Slugelton." Slugelton had a very nasally voice. "And your name would be..."
"JAMES!" came a loud booming woman's voice. She came walking into the room. She was no taller then 3 feet. She had long flowing black hair and purple eyes.
She came up and shook James hand. "Hello James, names Nemelda, professional mind reader."
"OK," stated Jack. "Enough talking. The reason that we are here is because we need you help."
"What kind of help?" Slugleton questioned.
"We need help sneaking into the palace of darkness," Jack answered.
End of chapter 8...
To be continued. . .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter 7: The secret of the book shelf

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Jack had woken up. He and James were walking but Jack would not tell James were they were going.
"Can you please just tell me were we are going?" James asked for the fifth time. "If I'm not home by 7 o'clock my parents are going to freak out."
"Calm down," Jack replied. "It's only 1 by the time were finished with the dark prince it will be well before 7."
"Wait hold on one second," James was confused. "Who's the dark prince?"
"OK," Jack stopped in his tracks and turned to face James. "The dark prince is the one who attacked us on the way out. As you see he has amazing power, and mine however is not so good. So it looks like if we want to defeat him we need help."
"So where are we going now?" James questioned.
"To get help."
"OK thanks for finally telling me," James said in a sarcastic tone. "So were just gonna like kill this dark prince dude."
"HA HA NO!" Jack yelled. "You can't just kill him. You have to get the statue, the one of the rightful ruler of the palace. I know the spell to bring him back to life. He'll be able to help us."
"OK so were is this statue?" James asked confused.
"There is a book shelf that is a doorway to were he is. I know the secret to it. The dark prince has been trying to figure out the secret that's why we must get there before he figures it out."
"OK so lets go get help and then go bust into this book shelf."
"UGH," Jack was annoyed by the way James talked.
Soon they found themselves in a dark alley. There was a sign that hung on one side and was falling down on the other. The sign stated "Laugh free Die willingly."
"So now where to?" James questioned.
Jack let out a little chuckle. "Why we are already here.
James looked confused. Jack put his finger dead center in the middle of the sign and pushed down. It looked like there was no wall behind the sign because his finger went right threw the wall. They both stood there for a few seconds just staring at eachother. Then a door in the wall opened.
"Oh thats it," James said. "I was expecting thid whole thing to happn like... AHHHHHH!"
The floor opened up and they both fell straight down. The drop must have lasted 10 minutes, the least. But to James it felt like forever. The just fell down into a never ending black pit, seeing no bottom.
End of chapter 7...
To be continued. . .
"Oh thats it," James said. "I expected like this whole

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chapter 6: The Dark Prince

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The man in black sat in his chair staring at book shelves. There is some secret hidden in them and he wanted to know what it was. His father had stoned the original owner of this palace. He had turned the boy into a statue made of stone. He told his two sons that the secret to finding the statue was in the book shelf. But he never told him where the secret was.
The man in black thought back to his childhood. His father always liked his twin brother better. His brother was "the prince of darkness" and his nickname was "the princes assistant." Their father actually referred to them by these names. His father,"The darkness king," always dreamed that his favorite son would take his place as king and his other son would become his assistant. The day finally came when the fathers favorite was about to be announced prince and the other child had other plans. The favorite was staring at the mirror moments before the ceremony began. The other child whatched him with anger from behind a dresser in the room. The favorite turned his head and saw a shadow if a person behind him. He swiftly turned around. But he saw no one there.
"HELLO!" he was angry because he didn't want anyone to ruin this day. "WHO EVERTHERE YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID YOUR DEALING WITH THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS!" no one responded to his screams. "Must have scared them off," he said to himself.
He turned back toward the mirror. Once again there was a shadow, but this time it was of a knife. Sadly the favorite had not seen it. As he began to turn around the knife hit him in the chest. The blood gushed out of him like a waterfall of red water. It hit the other person right in the face. The last thing that poor kid saw was the face of his twin brother with one red line of blood on his face. After he was dead the living one wiped the blood off of his face. Then the father called out the prince of darkness.
"Oh I guess that's your call, oh wait i guess its mine," he said in a mean voice.
He stepped out onto the stage. His father was so surprised.
"Actually its that dark prince," said the boy. The father played along with the ceremony pretending it was the other child. Afterwards the father found out about the death not who did it but that he was dead. The father was so upset. But he had to choice hhe made the other son the prince but told him none of the secrets of being prince.
Thinking back to that moment the prince was about to cry. He held them back.
"Thats it I'm gonna find out the secret to this no matter what it takes.
End of chapter 6...
To be continued. . .

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chapter 5: The great escape

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It was lunch time for the prisoners. They fed the prisoners only so the prisoners would live long and they could torcher them longer by keeping them in the prison. But the only prisoners there at the moment were Jack and James. There was something strange about this lunch though. When the guards took them to the cafeteria none of the other workers were there. One guard locked the door behind them and said "Stay here." He walked up to were the lunch monitor would stand. There was nothing that looked funny around there. Then he saw the top of the trash can fall on the floor.
"WHO'S THERE!" he yelled. He held out his hand like it was gonna hurt who ever was there.
Why would he hold out his hand James thought. I mean I could see them holding out a gun but why a hand. Then he remembered how they had magic powers and stuff.
The guard looked into the trash can and all he saw was complete darkness. It was like a never ending whole of darkness. He heard a little squeal come from the trash can he pointed his finger right down into the trash can.
At that exact moment a slimy long green slug like arm came out of the trash can and grabbed the guard and dragged his whole body into the trash can. Then after the guard was gone a burping noise came from the trash can. Then Jack hit the other guard in the face and grabbed James and pulled him as he ran. He ran right up to the window and then screamed "JUMP!" And James did as he said and they went crashing through the window.
"What just happened?" James asked.
"No time for questions we may be outside but we are still in the castle so run," Jack replied.
They ran through the four black arch ways. A long blue rope grabbed James and dragged him on the floor. James look were he was going. He was heading for a tall man in a black robe and a black mask. It looked as if he had no face just darkness. Jack let out a yellow burst from his hand. Since the man had to defend he let go of James and let a red burst from his hand. The burst of light hit each other right in the middle. But sadly in the end Jack was no match for the man. The burst of red was about to hit Jack but he jumped out of the way just in time.
James ran up to Jack. The man was starting to walk towards them.
"Come on Jack we have to go," James explained.
"Go on without me," Jack answered.
"NO!" The man was getting closer and closer to them. James lifted Jack on his back and ran. Finally they reached the door he opened it. James looked back. The man was still coming he was almost to them. The man let out a burst of red again. It was about to hit them but James closed the door just in time.
What do I do now James thought.
End of Chapter 5...
To be continued. . .

Chapter 4: Jame's story

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"Well," James started, "I guess I should start from the beginning. I moved here last year and I always see this castle on my way to school. Everyone says this castle is haunted and that it has been abandoned for years."
Jack gave out a little chuckle.
"What?" James questioned.
"Its just your all such foolish Inthermany," Jack explained.
"OK and what does Inthermany mean anyway?" James questioned, "And another thing I don't appreciate you insulted me." James tone slowly got louder.
"Nothing," said Jack. "And technically its not an insult."
"Can you just let me finish this story THAT YOU WANTED TO HERE!" James screamed. But after that scream James calmed down and finish his story. As he told the rest of it he thought about how it happened.
James always thought there was something special about that house. He always felt like he was being drawn to it. He always walked up to it, but never dared to go inside, until that one faithful day. He was with his friends, well they weren't actually his friends, But they were all by the castle.
"Go inside I dare you," one kid said to another.
"No," the kid replied.
"What are you scared you little baby," The mean kid said.
James had always wanted to go into that house so he said "Hey I'll go in."
They all stared for a few moments then one finally spoke "OK then go on right in."
James walked right in threw the door. He expected some spooky house but when he walked in he realized he was still outside. There were four completely black arch ways. So he followed the path. And before he really stepped inside he saw a stone. It stated


He read the sign this whole castle was strange to him. He walked in the castle. It was the most beautiful house he had ever seen. He had never seen a real mansion until he saw this. Every thing was beautiful except for this old dusty mirror. It had on crack that went down to the bottom of the mirror like water dripping. He wiped the dust off of the mirror. He saw his reflection and behind him was blackness. Then he saw one single light of a candle. He shook with fear he didn't want to go any further in the house. He turned and ran for the exit. He saw nothing but the door. He made a leap to escape, but while in the air he was grabbed and thrown into the dungeon.
"And that's how it happened," James stated as he finished the story.
"OK I need to help you escape. There is a reason but I can't tell you not yet anyway. But here's how were gonna escape."
End of chapter 4...
To be continued. . .

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chapter 3: The Tale

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"Ok," said Jack. "This is the story. You may get confused at parts but you need to hear this. Years before time had even been created. You were probably told that dinosaurs ruled the land. Well they were wrong. There were creatures, like how you would picture aliens to look like."
James never believed that there are aliens out there. He never had quiet an imagination. While other kids would think there were aliens far away on other planets, James focused on more realistic things.
"But," jack continued, "There weren't just these creatures that lived there. There were witches, warlocks, wizards, and other strange looking creatures with different powers. But there was one type of creatures called the darkfins. They looked like people, or at least that's how they appeared. They really were these ugly black monsters that could make themselves look like any kind of human they wanted."
Now James thought this story was getting a little ridiculous. He thought come on really morphing creatures really. "Ok you can stop pretending now," James interrupted.
"Pretending what?" Jack asked confused.
"Come on this is obviously a fake story, there is no way this story can possibly be real," James replied.
"OK, let me prove it to you." Jack closed his eyes. Then all of the sudden the walls came down and fire filled all around them. "Believe me now or I shall kill you with these flames," Jack stated.
"Ok ok I believe you," James said in fear.
"Now let me continue with the story. The Darkfins became power hungry and started to dictate all of the creatures. Some were strong and are still alive today. But as soon as the Dark Prince took over this place it was over. And all who he killed he turned them into the most hideous creatures he could think of, he turned them into Dinosaurs."
"Were are the ones whos survived?" James asked.
"Well let me finish the story and I'll tell you. When the humans came along they defeated the Darkfins. Well excepted for the royal few who still live among us today. But the others live in a world beneath yours. They live under the floors you walk on."
"Thats a very interesting story," James said.
"Now there is one question I have for you James, what is it you were really doing by this castle?"
End of chapter 3...
To be continued. . .

Chapter 2: In The Dungeons

The man sat in the dungeons afraid of what his faith might hold. The mans age ranged from anywhere in between 15 or 20. He had short curly brown hair with light blue eyes. He was trapped in the dungeons of the castle of darkness. A few minutes later the guards came back. They were strong muscular people who wore long black robes. This time they had a small child in their hands and they opened the doors and threw the child into the cell with the man. Then the guards slowly walked away.
"Hello," stated the child. The man looked at the child. He had long dangle black hair and brown eyes. "My name is Ramsly, James Ramsly."
"Hi I'm Jack Freedom," The man replied in a dull voice. "So what you in for?"
"The truth is," James replied. "I have no idea." "I saw this castle, walked up to it, and then I find myself in here talking to you."
"Inthermany," Jack mumbled under his breath.
"What did you say?" James questioned.
"Nothing you wouldn't understand that. Let me explain this castle in the simplest way possible. The owner Larence grew up not knowing about certain things."
"Like?" James wanted to know.
"I'm not aloud to say. But there were few people who wanted him to know. One day they got what they wanted. With a single flash of light they sent him to this castle. The castle looked beautiful back then. But he was only a child. The prince of darkness killed him and took over the castle."
"OK I just want to say only half of that makes sense," James said.
"This won't make sense to you, not yet anyway. But because of that day the dark prince rules most of the world that the Inthermany can't see."
"What does that mean?" James asked.
"I know I'll get in trouble for this but, let me tell you what that means.
End of chapter 2...
To be continued. . .

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chapter 1: A Flash of Darkness

The flash of light blinded the boy. He shut his eyes to keep out the light, but I was still unbearably bright. Then the light disappeared and all the sound, the screams, the crashing, everything just went away. Then when he opened his eyes he was floating. He was laying on his back looking up at the clouds. The cloud had a yellow glow around its edges, but that was only because the sun was behind the cloud. He felt wet. He wondered why am I went, how am I floating, and most importantly were am I? Then he looked around him and that answered one question. He was wet because he was in a pool.
"Hey honey," came a very familiar voice. The boy looked over it was his mother. Out of the 13 years of his life he only knew his mother for 8 years of it. He still remembers her long silky black hair and her beautiful brown eyes.
Not knowing what to say he simply said "Oh hello." Then for some weird reason she just walked inside. They haven't seen each other in years and she acting like they see each other everyday. It was even stranger because 5 years ago his mother died. They building around the pool was huge. It was yellow with a red top. It was almost like a castle with a bunch of windows.Then the boy turned around and then he found out that he wasn't alone. There was another boy standing deeper in the pool. He wasn't a little boy he was more like 18 or 19. You could only see his head. He had pale skin and dark brown hair. He was wearing sun glasses with big dark lenses. They man shook his head like he was saying yes to something. Suddenly the color of the house started cracking and turned black. The pool water turned black. Even the sky started cracking and turned black. The boy was now a statue made of stone. The man with the sunglasses smirked like he was happy with what he had done.

End of chapter one....
To be continued. . .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fat + Skinny = Purple Platypus

Have you ever had a friend who you were such good friends with you could tell them anything and they wouldn't care. Or together you guys would come up with the weirdest things. Well I do.

I have known her since second grade. We were such great friends. As we got older we became even better friends. "Your fat!" I would say. "Thank you, you too," she would reply. Well neither of us were fat but that was one of the weird things we came up with. If you called some one fat it was considered a compliment between us. So fat could mean cool, awesome, or even amazing. So if one of us said "Your fat!" That would be like saying "Your cool!"
When ever we got into a fight (which was rare) it would be us making stupid comments to each other. For example a fight between the two of us would be, "Your skinny," one would say. Then the other would say "No your skinnier." Thats how things work with us. Were really weird like that.
There is one more weird thing I need to metion. That is purple platypus. I'm not sure what that one means because she never actually told me. But I guess it just means stupit or whatever. So its great to have weird friends that really like you and you can be weird together.
Friends are people who act like you and are like you. I think I have one of the greatest friends in the world. And me and this girl are really good friends.
So just remember one important thing about life Fat + Skinny = Platypus

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Family is a group of people who truly care about one another. Its not like how friends look out for you, its a special way that family cares for one another.

My mother
My mom is the greatest person in the world who I know. My mom is so special the way she helps me with my problems. You would be surprised with how reasonable she can be to me and my brothers. My mom helps other people with their problems too. She is just such a great person. I love my mother.
My father
My dad is amazing. In my eyes my dad is the best person ever. My dad helps me practice with sports, and plays games with me. My dad is always there for me whenever I need help. He doesn't give me the same type of help my mom does, but his help is just as good. I love my father.
In my eyes my parents are the greatest people in the world.
My brothers
My brothers always look out for me when I get in trouble. Sure sometimes we get in to fights and I hate them at that moment, but hate doesn't last forever. The truth is I really do love my brothers. And I do have a feeling that they love me just as much back. I love my brothers.
Last is my grandparents
They always tell me stories of their past. Most kids would think of this as boring, but their stories are so interesting. My grandfathers stories are so funny. He has so many stories I think I could write a book about them. They are so fun to be with and just great people. They are at every special occasion that I have. I love my grandparents.
I love my family and I wouldn't want anyone else to be my family. I think I have the best family ever. Better then anyone else and I'm a very lucky person.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Hate is such a strong feeling, it over powers every other feeling you have. When you hate someone they must have done something terrible to you. And he has.

I hate him, I hate everything about him. But my hate is not strong enough to hate him forever, so lets just say I hate him at this moment. And i do.
He doesn't like me, he doesn't respect me. Sadly this person i hate happens to be my brother, so lets stop using the word hate because you should never hate family, so lets say he angers me. And he does.
He makes nasty remarks at me, he curses at me. Maybe brothers aren't suppose to like you maybe its not in their genetics to like you. And he doesn't.
He doesn't treat me as his equal, he uses me to help him get what he wants. Does he just not like me, or is it just I did something at this moment to anger he. Weather that be he doesn't like me at this moment. And he doesn't
Aren't brothers suppose to protect their younger brothers. Well I have to admit that he does, when it suits him.
He angers me, He acts like he's the best in the family. Well I do hate him at this moment, but most hatreds don't last forever. And this one won't.

Your Last Day

The sun hit my face, the weather was amazing. If only the day was as beautiful as the weather. It has come the time for the dear dog Nala. She has been our dog since I was a one year old. From year to year, from birthdays to birthday, through good times and bad, Nala has always been there. She always would comfort me. And now i know her time is almost here. Not much longer now, Its a very sad thing to see. In her younger days she was a wild and crazy dog. She was so happy just jumping and running around. Now she could barley move. When she walks she walks really slow and it almost hurts her to move. Its a very sad thing old age. When we take her to the vet they only say age the only thing effecting her. Now looking at her all I see is a little girl jumping around. While everyone else only sees her outer shel. They see a old almost dead dog, but I see inside, I see a wonderful energetic amazing dog. See what I see is the truth, and if you look just a little harder you can see it to. You can see the real Nala, the greatest dog ever. Nala is still alive today, but barely. Nala is more then a dog to me Nala is more like a sister to me. And that is how I treat her. Sure sometimes we fight, but in the end no dog, no person, no nothing, could ever replace a dog as great as Nala. If it wasn' t for her my life would be so much different, in a bad way. I love you Nala, because your the best dog ever. I don't know what life will be like to walk in the house and not have you greet me, or to have you sitting next to me watching t.v. Ant the day that you go will be the worst day ever.

I love you Nala

Can you feel the adrenaline

When the curtain is about to open, when the race is about to begin, when your about to make the first move it's there. The momentum building everything up. So when the curtain does open and the race does start it happens. Everything stops, the sound go's out, its like everything is in slow motion. The feeling that it has finally begun. And then the feeling slowly go's away, and the sound and the motion all comes back slowly. Your relaxed, that's when you know you are doing something you love. So when you waiting for the curtain to open, when your waiting for the race to start, for the music to begin. When your waiting for something to happen, the moment before, can your feel the adrenaline? Can you feel it running through whole body, all the excitement. Then the moment comes when you can finally let it all out. Can you feel the adrenaline?

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Some people see lives through different colors.

Blue is for people who are sad. The girl was sleeping, she has been doing that lately. She stayed home and slept all day and all night. For some reason nothing could ever wake her up. She knew she was depressed before, but now she thought there is something wrong with her. She was the color blue.
Black is for darkness. The boy stood there he held the knife to his wrist. He has done this before, many times. He did this without any family members knowing. He couldn't let them ever know. His cuts have been slowly getting bigger and bigger. Each one would make him happy. Each drop out of his body would be like a drop of pain out of his body.
Red is for evil. The group of girls were all red. They gave that ora around them. Each day they would make themselves happier by depressing and bringing pain to other girl. These girls were truly the meaning of red.
Pink is for drugs. It all started when his friends all started taking the drugs to make themselves happy. But the boy thought he was happy how he was. One day true pain came to the boy. He thought his friends would never hurt him, so when they said try the drug he took it. This made him happy but only for a little while. Then the hangover came the next day.
So when you get a choice of which color to be, don't choose blue, don't choose black, don't choose red, don't choose pink, choose yellow. For yellow is normal, unconditional happiness.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


A friend is someone who go's to end of the world and back for you. They stick with you and always help you find you way. In some cases friends can turn into enemies.
The boy had been friends with her for a long time. Actually it wasn't that long, but they had been bast friends. Not ordinary friends, best friends. Now the boy sat there wondering what had happened he knew for sure it was nothing he had done wrong.The boy had started making new friends, but he never forgot about his old friend. They still hung out. But the girl must have gotten jealous. The boy had no idea. Soon the girl found another boy, and started hanging out with him so much she had no time for the other boy. The strange thing was is that she would shove it in everyone faces that she had this other boy. She would go to a party and say "I have to leave early and go to the beach with my best friend." The boy, her old friend thought who are you trying to hurt me because I don't care your really hurting the kid who's party it was. More and more the girl would be doing more and more stupid things. No one knew why. The old friend thought is she doing this to get back at me still because she's just hurting herself. Pretty soon people stopped inviting her to party and things. People would invite her best friend but not her. She didn't know it yet but she had lost three friends, the old friend and two other friends she used to have. Eventually she lost all her friends because no one wanted to deal with her. Sometimes the old friend wonders what she is doing at this very moment.
Friends are people who don't care about the other persons fault, a friend over looks the other persons problems. The lesson in this story is don't be like the girl, because she was stupid. She lost all her friends over jealousy

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The girl

Most times people meet a new person they become friends and thats it just friends. In this story your about to hear however that is not the case.

I meet her years ago and we were friends, not good friends though. We were the type of friends you see once and awhile but not a lot. There was a point were i haven't seen her in years. But years later there she was again. And we became even better friends, like the type you see everyday in school but you don't hang out with outside of school. Every time we were together there was a light that warmed everyone around us. As we walked separate ways the light would dim until we were so far apart there was no light. We slowly became better friends and soon we started hanging out with each other outside of school. Then one day changed everything. There were 8 simple words that changed out lives forever. Those words were "Do you want to go out with me?" Once those words came out only one more word had to be said. The word that could break some ones heart. Or the one that could change everything. The word that came out was "YES!" And that was it we were going out.
Some people call this foreshadowing, the way we met and years later we were going out. But other people might call this love.