Sunday, August 30, 2009


What some people
beg for. What some
people need. Some

people will risk
anything just to
get some. Others

will hurt themselves
just to get someone
to notice them.

Some do bad things

for their attention.
But why do they
do it?
Simple they are just
crying for attention.
They will snort the drug,
slit the wrist. get in the bed,
All in the desperate chance to

Who would you?

Scream for

cry for,
die for.

Your mom,
your dad,
your brother,
your sister,
your boyfriend,
your girlfriend,

Would you
risk your
life for
your sister,
but what
about your

Who do
you care
about most.

Who would
you save
if you
could only
save one.
Whose your choice?

Saturday, August 29, 2009


When someone leaves its

hard to just return to your
normal pace of life.

Knowing that, that person
will not be in your view
for awhile, or even forever.

Could things go back to
normal now that they are
But nothing can really
go back to the way it
Can it?
No it can't because there
will always be an empty chair,
a place in line. A smile to
So are they there?
No they are not, but if
you think about it. And you
really love the person
strong enough.

They never really leave you.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is not a poem

hi this is jake sending you a message I wrote the story James and the dark prince and said that I would write the second one soon. So what I have decided to do is post the complete stories on another blog of mine. Only the first story is on this blog now but the second one will be there when I finish fwriting it. To go to the blog click here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Make the right ones and your
life will turn out good.
I once knew a person
who made all the wrong
choices and ended up
in a bad situation.
All the people who made
the right choice were all happy.
felt very
So make the right choices
end up happy
make wrong ones
and up crappy

you have one life
fuck it up!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Live, Dream, Celebrate, Love

All key words to a good life,
but what do these words
really mean.
life to the fullest
extent. Don't hold
back. When life throws
something knew at you
don't hate it, just roll
with it. When life brings
you lemons make lemonade.
Embrace life don't waste it
you only get one.
what do you see in your
future. Do you dream
big, or do you dream
small. You could have
one major dream and work
your whole life to fulfill. Or
you can have millions of
small dreams that you fulfill
every day. But make them
come true don't waste a
what you have don't
cry over what you don't.
celebrate and be happy
because something great
happened, don't be sad
because the great thing
had to end.
"Don't cry because it ended
smile because it happened."
Love everything you have. Love everyone who
is near. Don't spend all your time hating bad people
spend most of your time loving good people. And spend
most of your time loving that one special person.
Live, Dream, Celebrate, Love

Saturday, August 22, 2009


In the car. Like I'm

floating and moving
at a nice pace. It relaxes
me. Just sitting there in
constant motion.

Burger King, Mc Danolds,
Gulf, Mobile, are all places
I see. Sushi, Chinese, drive
in, buy one get one free, are
key words that I see.

All these places on the road
just begging me to come in,
but I won't because that would
mean I have to get out of the

In the car, it relaxes me so,
just sitting and moving at a
steady pace.

Do you want to go for
a ride?



Waiting You
for ideas to think maybe
come into your there is no more
head and your just ideas in your stupid
sitting there. little head.

Then But
it starts as soon
to frustrate as one comes
you and your lost suddenly your not
just sitting. just sitting.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Go to heaven Demons go to hell
at least that's what people are told
Can a angel go to hell. But is there
such thing as a good demon.
What if demons are good and angels are bad.
are angels really as
good as people make them out to be
Are demons as bad as people
make them out to be.
I guess we are all angels,





Thursday, August 20, 2009


Your scared of what
might happen next.
Will it be good will
be bad? But you
can't tell anyone
because the evil
creature won't let
you. And when you
first see it and you say
yes you made a deal
with the devil. But
can't tell anyone
how you feel
because the devil
won't let you. And
that evil creature
controls you. And it



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little deeper

Says the voice inside your head. And you think that
this is the only thing that can take all the
pressure away. Then It comes out
and that is the only thing
that matters.

Drip drop drip drop

what it sounds
like when it hit the ground.
Sometimes it feels like its the only
thing that can make everything better but
the truth is its not. Maybe instead of doing that
you could talk to some one about problems your having

Drip drop drip drop

And with
some help of those
who care about you, you
can make the

Drip drop stop


Is what you

should be.
Not anyone
Don't be someone
else's puppet.
Decide your
Even when you
feel trapped. And
you scream. LET ME FREE!
No one is really
forcing you to do
what they say.
So when they say
what you should do.
And you say NO!
You'll see who the
real winner is.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


what does
it mean. Is
it when to
people are
drawn to-
gether. Or
is it when
to people
bonds. Well
some say
love it when you see some one and you know
thats the person you want to wake up and see
everyday. When you want to spend every waking
moment with that one person, and that how I feel


her <3





Monday, August 17, 2009


It is
to try.
it enters
your mouth
Then it goes away and more
enters your mouth. You have to keep
having more. Your whole life starts to change
and all you know is that you need more. You try to stop,
get clean, but you can't.because as soon as it comes into your sight
you make sure it enters your mouth. There is no stopping that awful thing.
gone. . .

Chapter 22: The Note

*To view this story from the beginning please keep going to older post and make your way to chapter 1 and start reading there. Note you will have to click older post at the bottom of each page.*

The long and terrible ride was finally coming to an end. They were on a dirt path for a good half hour. Until they finally saw this mansion. The house was white, It had a wooden door. There were three windows with red curtains on either side of the door. Then two windows a floor above with long balconies coming out. Then up for the next three floors were a couple of the same type of windows. Then on about the tenth floor was a huge balcony that came out like a room floating in mid air. He had never dreamed of living in a house this nice.
"How is it that no one can see this house from miles away?" James questioned.
"Because this house was created by your mother and she charmed it is when ever you were in it only people with you could see it. And it remained invisible when ever you were in it. You mother always wanted you to be safe," Jack finished.
James eyes swelled up with tears. And big wet tears came out he was crying so hard for his mother.
"And now she is gone and everything she did went to waste because she couldn't finish them. And its all my fault," James said through his tears.
"No her projects didn't go to waste because they were all to protect you and you survived the dark prince and she will always be with you," Jack said in a comforting way.
James stopped crying understanding that his tears were not going to do anything. They went in to the house. And the first couple of days were fine with each-others company but on day 10 James wanted to leave.
"NO YOU MUST STAY!" Jack yelled.
James stopped by the door and said "It doesn't matter I have no reason to live."
They saw a letter hit the top balcony and both of them ran to it. Jack picked it up first. He looked at it and was surprised.
"Uh its to you James."
James opened and read the letter.

To my dearest James,
I just want you to know that I am ok and I can fend for myself and I will be back for you. I want you know that I always love you. And when all the evils in the world are gone I will be your mother again.
Love Mommy

James tears hit the page and he simply said "It was my mom."
In a far tower there was a man watching them the man was all dressed in black and you could not see his face. "I know they are in that charmed castle but when the time is right this world will be ours," said the man. "I have brought you back and given you one last chance shall you fail you die."
The man turned around and the dark prince was right in front of him.
The dark prince simply said "Yes FATHER."
"I will win," said his father. "I always win and you wanna know why I always win, because I am THE DARK KING!"
End of book one End of James and the dark prince...
To be continued. . .

Now I will return to writing short storys but on september 15 I will write the next book James and the forces of evil

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 21: The Ride of a Lifetime

*To view this story scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Keep doing that until you see chapter one and start reading the story there.*

James sat on the back of Jacks motorcycle blaming himself for everything wrong in his life. They pulled over to a rest stop and Jack got out of the motorcycle but James just sat there.
"Are you gonna come in?" Jack questioned.
"Why should I?" James said emotionless.
"I don't know maybe you have to pee just come on," Jack tried to get James to move but he wouldn't budge.
"I have nothing I have to mother, nothing, and its all my fault."
"How is it possibly your fault?" Jack questioned.
"All I had to do was stay in that house a little longer, but instead I rushed out."
"First of all, maybe she got out you have no idea, and even if she did die she would not want you to blame yourself for everything."
"Lets just get back on the road," James said in a monotone voice that he had ben using the whole conversation.
The ride felt like a lifetime to the both of them. It took all day and they still had not arrived at this place yet. When the sun started to set they took a 10 minute break at a pit stop and then they kept traveling through the night.
The cold air hitting Jack and going right back to the motionless James. Until they finally hit the par of the ride that gets interesting. There were three hills. And each one got bigger. The first one was like a 30 foot drop.
"Hope your ready," Jack said to James.
"Whatever," was the response he got.
They went up the hill. At the top they just fell straight down. They kept getting the feeling that your stomach was up in your chest. They when they hit the ground dirt flew into their faces.
The next drop was 100 feet straight down. And they had the same feeling as the first drop but it was worse this time. And the final drop was 150 in the air.
At the top of the hill James said "Why are these hills even here."
"So no one is crazy enough to try to get to where we are going."
Then the dropped down to the dirt.
End of chapter 21...
To be continued. . .

Keep read for the next chapter will be the last. . .

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chapter 20: The Dark Princes Great Fall

*To view this story from the beginning scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Keep repeating that until you find chapter 1 and stat reading there.*

The Dark Prince looked out his window on the highest floor and he stared out at the destroyed city. Just crumbled remains of building. He lifted his hand and buildings started to rebuild themselves only they were now black. They whole city was now consumed by the darkness. And anyone that was still in the city would become evil by the darkness.
"You have taken the city and stole all the good in it and what is your prize?" said the true prince. He and Linda were standing in front of the door. The Dark Prince turned around.
"The satisfaction of my father," The Dark Prince replied. "Once he has seen what I have done he will be so proud of me."
"It doesn't have t0 be like this," Linda butted in. "Your father is evil, but you can go against him and be good and destroy all of his powers then he will be proud of you."Linda walked up close to him.
"Your right," The Dark Prince muttered. Then he put out his hand and sent a ball of darkness to Linda and it hit her and she went crashing through the wall.
"You actually think I would turn my back on the evil world. You are so foolish."
Then he sent darkness never ending streaming from his hand. The true prince did the same thing only with light. They hit in the middle. Now it was just a true power of strength. But the Dark Prince was no match for the true prince. The light kept moving forward like a game of tug-a-war and the light was the flag. Until the light hit the dark prince. It was as if a car rammed a person over. That is how this felt to the dark prince. He just lie there on the floor.
"Now I send you back to the darkness of which you came," said the True Prince.
He put out his hand and a hole of darkness appeared under the dark prince and he fell into the darkness.
The True Prince turned to Linda and helped her up. "I guess after all those years its finally over," Linda stated.
"Actually its not there is still more evil in our world and now they all will be coming after us."
End of chapter 20...
To be continued. . .

Keep reading for there are only two more chapters left.
(Chapter 21: The Ride of a Lifetime)
(Chapter 22: The Note)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chapter 19: Goodbye Mom

*To view this story from the beginning scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Keep repeating that until you see chapter 1 and start reading there.*

"Heres what happened," Jack began to tell James the story of his mother as they walked out of the tunnel. "Your mom used to be part of our team. She didn't have any powers, but she was an amazing fighter. She never had a weakness. Then she met a man and we really stopped seeing her. She did some missions but when the Darkfins came she was no where to be found. They took over. When she came back she had had a baby and then when she saw everything destroyed she didn't want this to be the environment her child grew up in."
"Then she retired her husband died and her kid grew up," James finished sadly. "If she was such a great fighter then why can't she come with us?" James questioned.
"She retired and lets just say once you retire from this world there is no coming back."
James began to cry. "Listen James, your mom is a great fighter just go say goodbye. I promise you will see her again."
That kinda cheered James up. Then they found themselves in front of James house. There was a rumble in the ground.
"I'd hurry up because by the sound of that the giant is on its way," Jack mentioned.
James went inside the house. His mom already was told what was going on. They both saw each other and stood a few feet apart. His mom was good looking, she was tall with long brown hair. both then began to cry. They ran up to each other and began a long hug.
"This is not the end I will be back for you," she said through her tears.
"I love you mom," James said while sniffling. No one really knows how much they love and care for there parent until they are gone.
The Giants foot opened up the door.
"James go out the back," his mom said.
She ran him to the back where Jack was with a black motorcycle. They both jumped on and slowly started to leave.
"I LOVE YOU," were the last words James heard his mom say. Just slowly drifting away. "I LOVE YOU i love you i love you,"
Back in the house Minion came crashing though the door. James mom ran up the stairs and hid
in the bedroom. Minion blocked the door so she could not get out. Then he started a fire and him and the Giant left.
"Ok Giant we have destroyed the whole city, nothing left but dirt and crumbled remains. Its time for you to go back in your cage," Minion stated.
Back in the house the fire started to get into the room. Luckily there was a small window that she could squeeze through. She made it out just in time.
But James could not see that she mad it out all he saw was the house burning down and he thought the worst.
End of chapter 19...
To be continued. . .

Keep reading the end of the book is near. . .

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chapter 18: The Man in the Shadows

*To view this story from the beginning scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Then scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on older post once again. Then on the newest page scroll down and find chapter one and start reading there.*

The statue started to break apart. You could only see cracks of light shinning through the statue.
"All we have to do is say the spell one more time and he shall be released from the stone," Linda stated.
A spooky laughter come through the shadows. They all turned around, but could see no one there.
"You all think you can save the child," the voice echoed through out the tunnel. "You forget that one touch of darkness while he is in the statue brings death to him." The voice started to laugh once again.
They all stared out into the darkness to see where the voice was coming from, but sadly they saw nothing. Then a pair of black shoes appeared as the person came out of the shadows. It was the Dark Prince.
"You want to get to the true king you'll have to go through all of us," Jack said angrily.
"OK then," the Dark Prince replied.
He walked up to Jack and shoved him off the edge. Linda began to attack but he powers were no match for the Dark Princes powers. She soon found herself lying on the floor. James stayed out of the Dark Princes way because he knew he would die if he tried to fight him. The Dark Prince put his hand on the statues chest and began to chant. But Linda quickly got up put her hand on the chest and began to chant too. And the light kept shining and the prince was coming out.
"Yeah but with two powers going into the statue he comes out," Linda stated smiling.
the Dark Prince ran quickly out of the tunnel. He knew he had little time left. Finally the boy was standing there in front of them.
"I see your friend has died I shall help you," he stated.
He lifted his arm and Jack rose up to the surface and was once again standing with everyone.
"Here it what we shall do," the prince continued. "I will handle the dark prince but I shall need your assistants Linda. And Jack and James I need you to go into hiding Jack you know where to go. Because the Dark King will be after you."
"OK lets go James," Jack said.
"Hold on," James started. "I I I I can't just leave I mean what about my mom and my whole life here."
"Just think of it like this," Jack answered. "That part of your life is over. This is not the end of the adventure. This is just the beginning of a knew one."
"I can't just leave my mom she is coming with us."
"No and I know for a fact she will understand. come on lets walk and talk."
End of chapter 18...
To be continued. . .

"When you die, its not the end of the adventure, Its just the beginning of a new one."
-jake friedman

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chapter 17: Into the bookshelf

*To view this story from the beginning scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post again. Then scroll down and find chapter one and read that first.*

The on button on the t.v. came out and Jack turned it to the left 5 times, then to the right 4 times. The screen spilt in half and the screen opened up revealing a steel screen with a key whole in the middle. James took out the key from his pocket, put it in the key whole and turned the key. The outer shelf with the t.v went back and was level with the other two outer ones. Then those three went in so all 5 shelves were in one straight row. Then the floor beneath the shelves opened up and all 5 shelves slowly went into the ground. Now in front of them was a steel wall with one tiny door.
"This is it," Jack announced.
"This is where the true air to the throne is," Linda continued.
"This is the moment we have been waiting for," James finished.
Jack opened the door and all he saw was a tunnel of sorts.
"Lets go," Jack said as he walked into the tunnel.
Then Linda stepped into to the tunnel, and James last. The door was about to close after James walked in but just before it could a hand covered by a black glove caught it and the person walked it. But none of the others noticed this person was following them.
As they walked through the tunnel the walls and ceiling kept enclosing on them. Then they saw an opening in the end. When James and Jack and Linda reached the opening It revealed a gigantic room. The ceilings, walls, and floor were all rock. They all stared out in amazing. None of them had ever seen something as amazing as this place. From where they were there was a long winding path of stone leading up to the statue.
"Lets go," Linda said.
They began to walk down the path. One slip on the path and you fell to your death to the pointy rocks at the bottom. Just a few feet behind them was that person following them. But they didn't not know here was there and even if they did they wouldn't be able to tell who the person was because they hide in the darkness.
Finally after an hour of walking they reached. The statue of the greatest king of the light.
"How do we you know bring him back?" questioned James.
The person behind them hiding in the shadows watched very closely.
"Well," Linda began. "It was said that the king had the power of 10 warlocks and witches. But his power was not strong enough for the dark king. But with his amazing powers he only needs two more people to help him break free."
Linda and Jack looked at each other nodded and turn to the statue. They each put a hand on his chest and began to chant a spell.
End of chapter 17...
To be continued. . .

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chapter 16: James in blood

*To view this story from the beginning scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Keep scrolling down and clicking older post until you see chapter 1 and start reading from there.*

"MRS. HARRINGTON! MRS. HARRINGTON!" the old creepy voice kept saying.
They were in a very small hallway and it was pitch black except for the light Linda gave Jack. They were walking in order of Jack, James, and Linda. The voice kept getting louder until it was screaming. Then it stopped.
"Thank goodness it stopped right Linda," said James.
There was no response, James turned around. He could see anything but blackness so he reached out and nothing was there. Until something grabbed him and pulled him into the darkness.He was flying in the air being pulled and all he saw was darkness. Then they dropped him. He couldn't see a thing. He kept walking around until finally he hit into something. It was a candle, but there was no matches. He picked up the candle.
"What a waste," he muttered to himself.
But suddenly in his grasp a single flame appeared on top of the candle. He looked around the room that he was in. There was nothing but books all torn up and thrown on the floor. Sticking out of the wall was a knife running through a letter. On the letter spelled out in blood was the name James. James once again got that sense of fear. He pulled off the knife and slowly opened the note. Written in blood it said.
"Find the book shelf die a hero, don't find it become the villain." James had absolutely no idea what this could possibly mean, the words kept running through his head over and over again. Until he saw a shadow out in the hall.
"Oh no you don't" James said to himself.
He ran out into the hall and jumped on the person he saw. It would have been a good plan, but it wasn't because the person was Linda.
"Oh hello Linda," James said in an unsure voice.
"Hello," she replied. "I have seen Jack he said just to meet him at the book shelf and I was around here looking for you. Ok lets go."
"Wait hold on," James ran got the note and came back.
"Ok," Linda started. "I'll tell you what this means walk and talk." They began to walk down the hall. "Its a riddle," Linda continued. "It is a warning it is saying if you go to the book shelf you will die, but if you don't evil will win."
"Ok," James interrupted. "Few questions. First why are we going to the book shelf, and also who in this castle would want to help me?"
"Ok first no one is trying to help you. Its a trick they knew you would be so naive so they sent you this note so you wouldn't go to the book shelf and they would kill you."
They arrived at the book shelf and surly enough Jack was already there. Little did they know that someone had been watching there every move.
End of chapter 16...
To be continued. . .

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chapter 15: a Tango With a Giant

*To view this story from the beginning scroll to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Keep going down until you see chapter 1. If you don't see chapter 1 on that page click on older post again and see that page. Then start reading at chapter 1.*
The Giant is still rampaging threw the city. Tall buildings crumble beneath the Giants feet, while little buildings crumple under the giants toes. The air was getting cold. Also with the rain Jack and James were freezing. They were still unaware that Juan had been killed by minion.
"Ok, lets just go out there and fallow Juan's instructions, I promise you we will be ok," Jack muttered.
But before they could go out and get rid of the giant they saw minion. So they knew he must have won the battle between him and Juan.
"Forget the giant Juan is dead so lets go and ask for Linda," Jack stated.
They dropped their guns and ran back to that wall-mart. Minion saw shadows moving so he ran over to where they were before. He found there guns.
He began to talk to himself "So they were here." Then he stared at the guns. "These should come in handy later."
They got back to the wall-mart went threw the slide and were back to were they were before. They went further then they did before. Then they found a front desk. Sitting there was a rather tall lady with light skin and bright blond hair. "Can I help you?" she asked.
James then said everything that happened. And he ended with Juan told us to find Linda.
"Oh well I am Linda, Linda Harrington, and you lost those guns so there is absolutely no way to kill that giant. So the best idea is to get every one to evacuate the building and go back to the book shelf."
"Ok, I guess thats the plan then," Jack stated.
Linda hit a big red button on the desk and sirens started going off.
"Lets go back to that castle," Linda said and started walking.
They made there way to the castle.
"The giant is probably at the wall-mart now so we have to make this fast," Linda stated.
They walked into the castle It was pitch black. Linda grabbed a candle holder and lit the candle. As they walked further into the castle they heard a loud creepy old voice.
It was saying "MRS. HARRINGTON MRS. HARRINGTON!" over and over.
"Why does it keep saying your last name Linda?" questioned James.
"I don't know." Linda replied.
They kept going deeper and deeper into the castle and the voice kept getting louder and louder.
End of chapter 15...
To be continued. . .

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chapter 14: Minions Rage

*To view this story from the beginning scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Then on that page scroll down to chapter 1 and read that first.*

James and Jack found the giant and planned how they were going to get close enough to the giant to shoot him. Meanwhile Juan was where the cage of the giant was kept. And there he found minion. The man with one short arm.
"Ah hello my old friend," minion laughed.
"This is no time for laughing minion for this is your last minute on this earth," Juan replied.
"So cold, but I believe this will be your last minute." Minion walked real close to Juan and started right into his eyes. In minions eyes Juan saw a beautiful beach. He was running along the sand. It was simply beautiful.
Then Juan realized his eyes were closed when he opened them he really was on this beach. This beach was the last time he saw his family. It was the most wonderful place in the world. Everything was fine until Juan saw a man and this man was minion. But even in his presence Juan could not stop smiling. Juan tried to question minion but no words could come out his mouth.
"You are probably wondering why you are here," minion started. "You see when I kill my victims I bring them to the place that makes them the happiest. When someone is in that place they are less powerful, and when people are angry they are more powerful. Ok enough talk let me just finish this."
Minion let electricity come from his small hand. When it reached Juan, Juan held out his arm and kept capturing it it was hard to do but Juan did it. But the electricity kept coming. It was hard enough for Juan already and it kept getting harder.
"You see," minion started. "You could keep this up but soon the Dark Prince will be here and he will kill you. Or eventually this will get to hard for you and I will kill you. So either way you die."
Juan realized this was the end. If he was gonna die anywhere it would be here with his family. Juan lowered his hand and the electricity started hitting his body. And it hurt so much but then he saw something that made it all better. He saw his wife and kids. They had been waiting for him all this time. He saw his mother and father. He started to cry, he was so happy he ran to them. As soon as he ran his body fell to the floor and his spirit kept running. And when he was with them all the pain went away. They all flew away into the sky. Minion smiled he had not seen the spirits because he is not dead but what he did see was an enemy dead.
"You foolish man, I bid you a due for now I must see how much lovely damage my giant has done."
End of chapter 14...
To be continued. . .

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 13: More help

*to view this story from the beginning scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older post. Then on that page scroll down to the 5 post (chapter 1) and read that first.*

Looking at the giant all you could see was two huge green long legs. Then a huge body. He was wearing a tan coat with holes in it. And you could not see his head, it was above the clouds. The giant knew his mission he was walking about the city trying to find Jack, James and Slugleton. Every step he made created a vibration in the city.
Luckily the three of them were not in the city. They were on the outskirts of the city. They stepped into a wall-mart. They felt the vibration they knew what was coming.
"What are we doing here? There is a crazy thing on the lose and were in wall-mar," James questioned angrily.
"Listen we were just a group in this chain of groups trying to take care of the Dark evils in our world," James replied.
James walked right up to the entrance door. He shut off the lights. And as soon as the lights went off a small blue button appeared under the light switch. James pressed it. The whole floor started opened up, except for where they were standing. Now all that was in the room was them a big black hole and one slide going into the abyss.
"Ok lets go down the slide," Jack stated.
They all went down. This slide was fast. James's face felt like rubber plastered to his head. Finally after 10 minutes they reached the floor and got off the slide. James thought his face would never feel the same. In front of them now was a tall muscular black man. He had very blond short hair.
"What is your need of assistants?" The man asked.
"Well Juan," Jack started. "There is a giant heading this way and if he gets here you and this place will be destroyed."
"OK, my people will be on it." Juan started to walk away.
"The dark prince and minion are going to kill us too," Jack pointed out.
Juan turned around. "Second thought follow me. Here's the plan I'll give you weapons to kill the giant and I myself will kill minion and after were done we will both kill the dark prince. If anything shall happen to me come here ask for Linda she will know what to do."
Finally they reached a rather large closet. Juan opened it and inside was all different types of guns. He gave them both two silver guns. They each got a big one and a small gun.
"Here's what you do," Juan started. "Shoot him a couple of times with the big one. Trust me you'll no when it starts working. The two shots with the little one should kill him." He paused. "BREAK!"
End of chapter 13...
To be continued. . .