Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things got freaky

The whole day was just freaky.
I thought she was just a weird
person, The way she looked
at us and always seemed to appear.

She kept a close eye one us while
we ate our food. But I thought
she was just a creepy person
but then the day got weirder.

The bill came. The second
weird thing. I thought it was
just a coincidence, Staring

at the piece of paper. The numbers
read 47.74 and backwards
they read 47.74.
I should have realized
how weird the day was at
this point but I still didn't
realize it. I tried on the dancing

shoe. It was a size 12 it was kinda
expensive. But it was too big.
normally being a size 11
i figured 12 would be good.
But it turned out I needed a 9
This is when i finally realized how
weird the day really was. Throwing
each sin into the water. A religious
tradition. Throwing each bread into
the water.

When we first arrived our normal
spot has been taken so we were
forced to go to another spot. And
to top off the weirdest day. When
we were done. I turn and stare
at the grass and right there in
the grass was it. The holy

The strange waitress
The numbers on the bill
The shoe size,
and the bible

freakiest day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting bigger

It is beginning small
It starts to appear 
Till you finally see
you know what's going on
But do you stop it


But you can strike through it
Hit it right in the heart. It won't feel 
good but it is what has to be done. Then that strike
will hit it right in the heart that it doesn't have. And it will
shrink until it is all

Friday, September 18, 2009


I hate them I love them

let me go!
I can't believe them but
i expected it.
Why don't
you trust
me anymore.
I mean its
over now
They won't let
me out of sight
I can controll myself.
I need to do this
its the only way.
They ruin my life
but I just can't stop
loving them.
I was screaming
but you weren't
Now you know and
you can treat me like
I didn't know what
I was doing.
They tryed to help
but they only failed
at it.
Listen to me!
Maby if you were
listening before
you would have 
a right to keep me
locked up like an animal.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


getting bigger
waiting for that 
final moment when
you finally 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life is like

A game of chess. And in everyones life they are the kings. And people in your life are the other pieces.
Make good moves and you will win. Make bad moves and you will lose. One false move and you will
cause someone else's termination. You don't want to anyone on your side to go away so you try to keep
them all safe, but the sad truth is you can't. So you need to try your best but remember that you can't 
protect everyone.

Monday, September 7, 2009


They pretend to know you
they pretend to care,
but when it comes to it
they aren't there.
The people that give you something to lean on
they are always on your side
and they never switch the tides.
Are the first to come by
you lay your trust in them
and their rules start to bend.
Are hard to see, but they are really there.
make themselves noticed.
the REALS.

What ever happens

life goes on,

life never stops
And if you cry about,
what happened
you will miss
half of it.
it keeps going
it keeps going
it keeps going
it doesn't repeat
it doesn't repeat
it doesn't repeat
miss one step
miss your whole
so when you cry
just put one foot
in front of the other
walking on.


Are the people that you know best.
They don't care about the way
you look you could be
fat or
it doesn't matter.
short or
tall they wouldn't care.
A friend won't leave you hanging to fall, no
they will build the stairs for you to come down.
When you reach out your hand they will help you up.
when you start to fall they will help you down.
I am starting to see
I am starting to learn.
What a friend really means.
No one can describe it
no one can explain it.
only you know
only you know
only you know 
What a 
friend really

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The ocean is like...


because when you start
you are walking along

the sand, and you try it 
and you start to go into

the water. Until you drift
so far away from everyone
you find yourself in the

middle of nowhere all by
because it starts
as two friends sitting
on the beach. Then you decide
to become boyfriend and girl friend,
walking along the side. Then you start kissing
and making out and you are starting to go
into the water. Then you start to touch
each other and your too deep but 
keep going deeper till,
your all alone
in the
of what might happen
next but you keep it a
secret, so your in the water
hanging out with your family.
But how long can one secret
last. You start to drift
from your family
trying to keep the secret lasting.
But you soon find
that you have drifted
too far away.
Whatever you do
in the ocean or out,
just don't drift 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She's the girl

I love to hang out with.
She's the girl i like to 
be around and talk to.
But she's the girl I love
to kiss and be with.
But she's the girl who I
can open up with.
But she's the girl who I
have a spark of love with.
But she's the girl who
when I talk to all my 
emotions come out with.
But she's the girl I love
she's the girl I like